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Be Forever Home Mission

Our Mission is Three Fold

1. To provide the most loving home environment following adoption for as many children as possible.

2. To share our experiences, our successes and failures, with like-minded families in the United States to allow them the opportunity to start a program of their own under the "umbrella" of Be Forever Home.. This could give hundreds, even thousands, of children all across the country a fighting chance for survival by keeping them out of the system and into a loving, caring home life.

3. To raise much needed funding to “offset” major expenses in the adoption process that too often impede families from moving forward in adopting.

Adoption Stories – The Birth-Mother Part 3

We met his birth-mother for the first time…when we met our baby.  He was a healthy, gorgeous African American boy, and we named him Luke Andrew on the spot.  The next day we took him home, introduced him to his siblings and relatives, and had a whirlwind of baby showers. ... Read More

Adoption Stories – About Luke Part 2

My first marriage dissolved when I was in my early thirties…without children.  When I married David at age 34, I was hopeful and looked forward to bringing children from our union into the world by the time I was 40.  I was already a step-mom of Nate and Vania, ages 7... Read More

Adoption Stories – About JoAnne Engelhorn Part 1

As a young girl growing up in a family of seven, I remember how much I desired to be around babies and toddlers.  I was absolutely enamored with them!  When I was 7 years old, my younger sister and I became “contestants” on a children’s local program called “The... Read More

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